Custom Icon Design Service

Do you want to improve the interface of your software or website, but can’t find any stock icon sets that fit your needs? We can do custom icon design just for you!

Icons are the image of an application…the first thing you will see about an application is its icon. The look of the icons in a program has a great influence on how your users react to, use, and, ultimately, buy your product. Outdated or poorly designed icons may give the wrong impression about the quality of your application. That is why it is so important to order professionally designed icons.

We are, a design studio specializing in icon design. We are part of ArcticLine Software, working with icons since 2002. We’ve made icons for everyone from individual software developers to large multi-national companies and for a diverse range of disciplines and applications. We blend creativity, innovation and technology to help our customers to give a high quality and professional look to their software.

Order icons here! You will gain an attractive interface and save time for concentration on improvements to program functionality and marketing.

We offer the following services…

Main icon design for the application
The main icon of the application is the first thing a user sees. If the image of the icon is excellent, then the first impression about an application is also excellent. We’ll help you to make that first impression the best it can be.
Toolbar and menu icon design
Toolbar and menu icons is the way the users interact with your application. They have a big role in enhancing end-user productivity and at the same time will increase the application’s overall success. We create attractive, easy to recognize toolbar icons that help your customers have the best experience with your software.
Splash screens, logotypes, corporate identity, product boxes, Disk image backgrounds, etc. Just e-mail us.